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Available in various designs, colors, and styles, metal roofing offers a range of benefits that other traditional roofing options don’t. Capable of combining style with utility, metal roofing looks sleek and contemporary while also being extremely durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and even the most devastating effects of natural disasters. Though its aesthetic appeal may be what initially catches your eye, once you get a closer look you will see that this roofing material is not just good-looking but also extremely durable. This is precisely the reason why metal roofing is so popular. But it’s common for people to be doubtful especially when their property’s safety is at stake. Understanding your concerns enlisted are some unparalleled features of metal roofing that should alleviate any doubts about its safety and functionality:


Roofing is a major undertaking demanding extensive investment and expert assistance. So it makes sense that while purchasing a roof of any type you want to ensure that it will last for years – which is why roofing experts always recommend metal roofing over other traditional roofing options. Capable of resisting adverse weather conditions such as hail, high winds, snow, rain, and even direct sunlight, metal roofing is designed to withstand the rigors of nature while still being elegant and functional. While other roofing options are known to succumb to such harsh weather conditions, metal roofing not only withstands them but also brings you the warmth and comfort in knowing that your home is well protected from any harm.

In the US, metal roofing is built and designed by every major roofing manufacturer, all boasting some unique yet state-of-the-art features to better serve your needs. Most metal roofing is in fact built to withstand UL 2218 specifications, which is the standard of construction and design for roofs in the US. This certification sets a universal standard that all manufacturers must adhere to in order to get approval for their products. Since they are built to such exacting specifications, metal roofing not only lasts longer than other traditional roofing options but also comes with a guarantee – ranging from 20 to 30 years.


Utility and effectiveness are two important factors to consider when choosing a roofing material for your property. To reduce heating and cooling costs, you will need a roof that will not only offer insulation and protection from the elements but will also allow your property to maximize its potential to save money on energy. Metal roofing is a great option in this regard as it keeps the inside of your property insulated and cool while reflecting up to 25% of the harmful UV rays back into the environment. This helps you save on those cooling costs without compromising the comfort of your home.


A recent study conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center revealed an astonishing figure of 20 billion lb. of asphalt shingles being dumped in landfills annually! Such massive amounts of trash are not only a serious concern from an environmental standpoint but also a significant financial burden on the government. Fortunately, metal roofing is the perfect alternative to asphalt shingles as it is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and resistant to the elements. Capable of protecting your property while at the same time keeping our environment clean and healthy, metal roofing brings you the best of both worlds. Further featuring a lightweight yet durable design, these roofing materials are less damaging to your property and are in fact much easier to install.


If the look and durability of metal roofing is of interest to you, call us and we can help you sort through the many choices and options. 4 Generations Roofing has decades of experience installing metal roofing. From first hand experience we know what works best, from materials to installation, when it comes to metal roofing in Oklahoma.

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